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Local Industry
Rosser is home to a number of businesses and services. Prominent employers in the region include the BFI disposal grounds, Bel Acres Golf and Country Club, Maxim Transport and Collision Centre (Truck repairs and parts), Manitoba Hydro and Player's golf course.
Because of its unique location (on the northern border of Winnipeg and along the Perimeter Highway) Rosser is home to many trucking trailer services and terminals.
Prominent transport companies such as Trans X, Quick X, Pro Line Trailers, EBD Enterprises, and Peterbilt Truck Sales are found within the municipality's borders, along with many smaller independent companies.
Some of these companies are also expanding and developing their facilities further. Rosser also has a very strong agricultural presence, with many residents employed as farmers or in agricultural businesses.
Rosser boasts four large grain elevators, six seed plant cleaners and several farm equipment suppliers and implement dealers.