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RM of Rosser Profile
Rosser became a municipality in 1893. Rosser, Grosse Isle, Meadows, Marquette, Gordon and Lilyfield are some of the communities within the Rural Municipality of Rosser.


The municipal office of the R.M. of Rosser is located in Rosser. The Rosser Central Community Club consists of a skating rink and a curling rink and the Rosser Elementary School has playground equipment, a baseball diamond and an outdoor basketball court. Rosser is home to a large farm called Rosser Holsteins that is owned by the Holtmann’s.


Marquette is a small community located on Highway 248. There is the Marquette Curling Rink, the Marquette Café, the Marquette Garage and Sveinson’s General Store that has groceries, gas and a post office. There is also the Marquette Consumers Co-op that services the farming community. Marquette has many farmers and you can visit Tully’s Berry Farm to pick pails of strawberries in June/July.


Meadows is a small community in the R.M. of Rosser. It has a hall called the Meadows Community Hall that has a Fall Supper every year.

Grosse Isle

You can visit Grosse Isle when you take the Prairie Dog Central, the locomotive ride that starts at Inkster Junction. The train stops in Grosse Isle for 20 minutes where passengers can purchase souvenirs and snack items from the local vendors.
There is also the Prime Meridian Trail, which is a 116 km heritage trail on the abandoned rail line. It is a spur trail of the Trans Canada Trail starting near Grosse Isle and passing through several communities to Fisher Branch.

Little Mountain Park

Little Mountain Park has picnic facilities, baseball diamonds, and the Little Mountain Sportsplex (a multi-sport facility). The Little Mountain Park covers 213 acres, and has 28 ball diamonds, 6 beach volleyball courts and a meeting hall/restaurant.